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Our Mission 

Who do you trust?

We really do try to understand why some people rely so much on wine critics. As if one person’s taste could be the same as yours, and everyone else’s!

Have you ever gone to see a movie that some critics loved, but you walked out, shaking your head, thinking: “Why did I just waste two hours watching that?” It’s the same with wine. We taste a wine that we think isn’t worth the bottle it’s in, and we find that some exalted writer has given it a high rating. Or, we’ll taste a wine that sells for $25 and know that it’s really worth about half that … and, again, read a stellar review of it somewhere.

There are many wine shops where they don’t taste wines before they buy them. How do they know which wines to buy? They simply go through the trade reports, and buy whatever everyone else is buying. This type of shop also buys up the odds and ends that wholesalers can’t get rid of: bad wines, spoiled wines, “off” wines that they dump for pennies. These shops will sell them for a few dollars as “bargains.” Bad wine is never a bargain. There are plenty of wine shops that operate like this
So, whom do you trust for wine advice, then? Well, we trust our own palate.  We are fortunate enough to taste thousands of wines each year and what we do at Red White & Bubbly is to use our experiences to bring our “finds” to you.

Every month, whether it’s our under ten dollar Best Buys, Discovery Wines, Cellar Selections or wines from a featured winery, we buy wines that we know are well made, good tasting wines that are worth the price. When we buy a wine, we’re buying that wine for you. All write-ups on the shelves are our own. We use our own words to tell you about the wine: what it tastes like and why we like it. It’s like having a friend in the business, giving you his inside tips.

What we want to do at Red White & Bubbly is to help you to find wines that you’ll like, and that you’ll trust your own palate. Who better to trust?

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